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2020EXPLORING HOMOSOCIAL DESIRES IN HANYA YANAGIHARA’S A LITTLE LIFECHAOWAT SITTISAK; เชาว์วัฒน์ สิทธิศักดิ์; Usa Padgate; อุษา พัดเกตุ; Naresuan University. Faculty of Humanities
2020Effective Management of School Scouting Program by Applying Plan-Do-Check-Act ModelBANDANA GURUNG; Bandana Gurung; Jitima Wannasri; จิติมา วรรณศรี; Naresuan University. Faculty of Education
2020Isolation and expression analysis of B- and E-class MADS Box genes in regulation of perianth formation in Rhynchostylis retusa (L.) BlumeSUDARAT KASEMCHOLATHAN; สุดารัตน์ เกษมชลธาร; Pattamon Sangin; พัทธมน แสงอินทร์; Naresuan University. Faculty of Science
2020Biological and ecological studies of fall armyworm,Spodoptera frugiperda (J.E. Smith) and its control:a case study from maize field in Phitsanulok, ThailandSOTHEARITH HONG; Sothearith Hong; Suphannika Intanon; สุพรรณิกา อินต๊ะนนท์; Naresuan University. Faculty of Agriculture,Natural Resources and Environment
2020Spatio-Temporal RS. Analysis and Predicting Land use/Land cover Change using CA-Markov Simulation Model: A case study of Gitega District, BurundiAUDACE NTAKIRUTIMANA; Audace Ntakirutimana; Chaiwiwat Vansarochana; ชัยวิวัฒน์ วงศาโรจน์; Naresuan University. Faculty of Agriculture,Natural Resources and Environment
2020Use of entomopathogenic fungus and nematodes indigenous to Thailand for controlling of fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda (J.E. Smith))ONGPO LEPCHA; Ongpo Lepcha; Det Wattanachaiyingcharoen; เดช วัฒนชัยยิ่งเจริญ; Naresuan University. Faculty of Agriculture,Natural Resources and Environment
2020A STUDY OF ENGLISH WRITING SKILLS OF L2 STUDENTS WITH BLENDED LEARNING APPROACHSUDARAT PHOSA; สุดารัตน์ โพธิ์สระ; Sudakarn Patamadilok; สุดากาญจน์ ปัทมดิลก; Naresuan University. Faculty of Education
2020Effect of Sacha inchi seed on growth performance, immune responses, and expression of genes related to immunity in Nile tilapiaBUNTHEOURN KHEN; Buntheourn Khen; Anurak Keawkajonket; อนุรักษ์ เขียวขจรเขต; Naresuan University. Faculty of Agriculture,Natural Resources and Environment
2020Incorporation of Environmental Criteria in the Tendering Process: Moving Towards Green Public Procurement in BhutanTSHERING CHODEN; Tshering Choden; Kullapa Soratana; กุลภา โสรัตน์; Naresuan University. Faclty of Logistics and Digital Supply Chain
2020Development of mucoadhesive silk fibroin nanoparticles for sustained drug delivery to the ocular surfaceCHULA SRIKAJORN; จุฬา ศรีขจร; Wanachat Thongsuk; วรรณฉัตร ทองสุข; Naresuan University. Faculty of Allied Health Sciences