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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Bhutanese Sign Language Hand-shaped Alphabets and Digits Detection and RecognitionKARMA WANGCHUK; Karma Wangchuk; Panomkhawn Riyamongkol; พนมขวัญ ริยะมงคล; Naresuan University. Faculty of Engineering
2019VEHICLE NUMBER PLATE DETECTION AND RECOGNITION SYSTEM IN BHUTANYONTEN JAMTSHO; Yonten Jamtsho; Panomkhawn Riyamongkol; พนมขวัญ ริยะมงคล; Naresuan University. Faculty of Engineering
2019Dzongkha Word Segmentation Using Deep LearningYESHI JAMTSHO; Yeshi Jamtsho; Paisarn Muneesawang; ไพศาล มุณีสว่าง; Naresuan University. Faculty of Engineering
2019Development of dynamic routing system for tourism based on Web Map Application using FOSS4G and pgRoutingTENZIN WANGCHUK; Tenzin Wangchuk; Sittichai Choosumrong; สิทธิชัย ชูสำโรง; Naresuan University. Faculty of Agriculture,Natural Resources and Environment
2020M-Learning platform for assessment and personalized learning of Thai language by primary school childrenSAOWALAK RUNGRAT; เสาวลักษณ์ รุ่งรัตน์; Antony James harfield; Antony James Harfield; Naresuan University. Faculty of Science
2021Bhutanese Handwoven Textile Pattern Recognition and Classification Using Artificial Neural NetworksUGYEN CHODEN; Ugyen Choden; Panomkhawn Riyamongkol; พนมขวัญ ริยะมงคล; Naresuan University; Panomkhawn Riyamongkol; พนมขวัญ ริยะมงคล;;
2021Segmentation of Median Nerve by Signal Processing and Artificial Intelligence on Ultrasound ImagesKUENZANG THINLEY; Kuenzang Thinley; Surachet Kanprachar; สุรเชษฐ์ กานต์ประชา; Naresuan University; Surachet Kanprachar; สุรเชษฐ์ กานต์ประชา;;
2020Improving Children’s Computational Thinking Skills Through Tangible TechnologyTITIPAN PHETSRIKRAN; ธิติพันธ์ เพชรศรีกาญจน์; Wansuree Masagram; วันสุรีย์ มาศกรัม; Naresuan University; Wansuree Masagram; วันสุรีย์ มาศกรัม;;