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Title: Research on Thailand-China Agricultural Product Trading Financial Supply Chain 
Authors: Yongtao Shen
Yongtao Shen
Boonsub Panichakarn
บุญทรัพย์ พานิชการ
Naresuan University
Boonsub Panichakarn
บุญทรัพย์ พานิชการ
Keywords: Supply Chain Management
Agricultural Product
Financial Supply Chain Management
System Dynamic
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Naresuan University
Abstract: Agricultural products and trade play a vital role in human survival and economic well-being. With the advancement of management science, supply chain management has emerged as a sustainable management approach. In addition, it is observed that financial issues often pose significant challenges for agricultural enterprises, particularly small and medium-sized ones, acting as the last straw that breaks the camel's back. Therefore, the financial supply chain of agricultural product trade deserves attention. China and Thailand are critical partners in agricultural product trade, making them representative and valuable subjects of study in the context of supply chain management.  This research aims to bridge the gap in understanding agricultural trade supply chains and explore the current status of the financial supply chain management in Thailand-China agricultural product trade. The study will provide the view of agricultural trade supply chains and simulate the financial supply chain of Thailand-China agricultural product trade as its research objectives. The research will employ CiteSpace, a bibliometric tool, to review and analyze the past decade's researches on agricultural trade supply chain, highlighting the research hotspots and future directions in the context of sustainable development. Additionally, the research will utilize VenSim, a system dynamics tool, to illustrate the process of Thai agricultural products' export to China and simulate the current state of the Thailand-China agricultural product trading financial supply chain.  Finally, based on the literature review and research findings, this study will provide recommendations and offer insights into future research in this field.
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