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Title: Development of foaming hand sanitizer containing Andrographis paniculata extract.
Authors: Sasid Suksumit
ศศิศ สุขสุมิตร
Nattakanwadee Khumpirapang
ณัฐกานต์วดี คำภิระแปง
Naresuan University
Nattakanwadee Khumpirapang
ณัฐกานต์วดี คำภิระแปง
Keywords: Andrographis paniculata Andrographolide Antibacterial activity Foaming hand sanitizer.
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Naresuan University
Abstract: Andrographis paniculata (A. paniculata) is a herbal plant containing natural compounds commonly found in southern Asia, China, and Europe. The plant is traditionally used to treat fevers, common colds, and skin infections. A. paniculata has been reported to have numerous potential bioactivities, with emphasis particular emphasis on its antibacterial properties. This study aimed to formulate a completely developed foaming hand sanitizer product containing A. paniculata extract, which has good antibacterial activity and stability. The ethanolic characteristic of the A. paniculata extract (EAE) obtained in this current study was a dark green, sticky paste, with a yield percentage of  15.63% (w/w). The EAE was prepared to quantify andrographolide and evaluate antibacterial activity. The quantitative estimation of andrographolide content in EAE was performed using the reversed-phase HPLC method with a C18 column using a mixture of water and methanol (50:50) as the mobile phase. The quantity of andrographolide was 9.80 ± 0.43 µg/ml in the solution of amorphous residue. The andrographolide was found at 9.80% (w/w) in the EAE. In addition, the EAE was evaluated for antibacterial activity against Staphylococcus aureus and Staphylococcus epidermidis by zone of inhibition and determining the minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC). The study's results compared the zone of inhibition and MIC values with those of tetracycline (10 µg/disc). Results revealed that the EAE is potent in inhibiting both S. aureus and S. epidermidis, which showed the clear zone of inhibition diameter was 11.2 ± 0.3 mm. and 10.17 ± 0.29 mm, respectively. Moreover, the MIC value of the EAE against both germs is 50 mg/ml. The result of this study shows that the EAE exerted inhibitory activities, indicating its potential use as an alternative ingredient for formulation. The foaming hand sanitizer was formulated using ethanolic extract of A. paniculata, disodium laureth sulfosuccinate, cocamide DEA, cocamidopropyl betaine, and PEG-7 Glyceryl cocoate in various proportions added to a 100% aqueous solution. The PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil is used as a solubilizer with 5 %(w/w) EAE. A small amount of phenoxyethanol and o-Cymen-5-ol were added as preservatives, and the pH was adjusted with triethanolamine. Several tests, such as color, viscosity, foam volume, foam retention, pH value, etc., were performed to determine the physical properties of all formulations. The formulation Rx 6.2 showed low viscosity, soft foam, foam retention, clear solutions, good smells, and no drying effect after use. Moreover, the antibacterial activity of Rx 6.2 reduced more than 99.999% of the bacteria for tested bacterial strains S. aureus in 5 minutes at 34°C under conditions. This result indicated that the Rx 6.2 under test fulfilled the requirements of the EN 1276:2009 standard for the bactericidal activity of chemical disinfectants and antiseptic products. The stability evaluation of the foaming hand sanitizer formulation showed positive results, as the formulation was found to be stable for up to 30 days at 5 ± 2°C, 75%RH ± 5%. No significant changes in the test parameters were detected during this period. Further studies are needed to investigate the clinical effectiveness of the foaming hand sanitizer product in demonstrating antibacterial activities. Studies regarding safety are also necessary to prove that the product is safe for use.
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