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Title: Development of film-forming solutions containing Kaempferia parviflora extract for Aphthous ulcers
Authors: Nattanich Wattanaphraya
ณัฏฐนิช วัฒนะพระยา
Worawut Kriangkrai
วรวุฒิ เกรียงไกร
Naresuan University
Worawut Kriangkrai
วรวุฒิ เกรียงไกร
Keywords: In situ film-forming
Aphthous ulcers
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Naresuan University
Abstract: This study aimed to develop a mucoadhesive film containing black ginger extract for the treatment of oral ulcers. Various formulations were prepared using different polymers and their characteristics were evaluated. PVP K90, HPMC E15 LV, and HPC SL were chosen as mucoadhesive polymers based on their solubility and solution characteristics. The addition of mucoadhesive polymers led to a significant improvement in the residence time of the film due to the increased number of hydrogen binding sites for mucin. Furthermore, the hydrophilicity of the polymers was found to be the main mechanism by which film adhesion was improved. The release profile of methoxyflavone from the film showed an initial slow release followed by a sharp release phase due to film erosion. Stability studies demonstrated that the film remained stable under different storage conditions, exhibiting no significant changes in film-forming time and residence time. However, a slight decrease in viscosity, pH, and drug content was observed, which can be addressed by optimizing the formulation process and storage conditions. In conclusion, the developed mucoadhesive film containing black ginger extract has potential as an effective treatment for oral ulcers, providing extended residence time and controlled drug release. The study findings suggest that HPMC is the most effective mucoadhesive polymer for achieving longer residence time and increased viscosity. The addition of Eudragit® E100 can be used to extend the duration of action by reducing the effectiveness of dissolution over time. The results of this study provide a basis for further investigation of the film's efficacy and safety in in vivo studies.
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