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Title: In-apps purchase intention of Chinese mobile game users
Authors: DEHUA AI
Dehua Ai
Parichart Rachapradit
ปาริชาติ ราชประดิษฐ์
Naresuan University
Parichart Rachapradit
ปาริชาติ ราชประดิษฐ์
Keywords: Mobile Game
Loot box
Gacha consumption value
Purchase intention
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Naresuan University
Abstract: Gacha and Loot box is primary business model in Chinese Mobile game market, customers play with a stochastic system to obtain the prize that they want. In this research, we examine mobile game player decisions to purchase a chance for run a Gatcha or open a loot box based on consumption value using questionnaire survey in China. There are 406 mobile game players answering the questionnaires. The results show that monetary value of gambling and price, playfulness, and self-image expression have significant influence on customer’s purchase intention. Our results shed some light for mobile game designers to achieve better sales revenue.
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