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Title: The effectiveness of authentic learning activity to enhance Japanese honorific speaking skills for Japanese majored students in Thailand
Masashi Okumura
Angkana Onthanee
อังคณา อ่อนธานี
Naresuan University. Faculty of Education
Keywords: Authentic learning
Japanese speaking skills
Japanese honorifics
Confidence of speaking Japanese
Japanese learner in Thailand
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Naresuan University
Abstract: The aims of this research were 1) to study Japanese honorific speaking skills of students who learn with authentic learning activity, 2) to compare the pre-test and post-test of Japanese honorific speaking skills, and 3) to study confidence of speaking Japanese honorifics for students after using authentic learning activity. This study was conducted by following a quasi-experimental design (one group pre-test and post-test) with 20 fourth year students at Naresuan University in Thailand. The research instruments used in this study were: 1) Lesson plans designed following authentic learning techniques, 2) Japanese honorific speaking tests, and 3) Questionnaire about confidence of speaking Japanese honorifics. To determine the effectiveness of authentic learning for enhancing Japanese honorific speaking skills, two types of Japanese honorific speaking tests were administered: 1) Class speaking tests to assess the improvement of honorific speaking skills with the authentic learning approach. 2) Pre-test and post-test to compare the Japanese honorific speaking skills. In addition, to investigate the student’s confidence of speaking Japanese honorifics, the questionnaire about confidence of speaking Japanese honorifics were conducted. The collected data were analyzed using rubric of honorific speaking test, descriptive statistics (mean and standard deviation), paired samples t-test, test dependable and contents analysis. The research results showed 1) AL activities were effective in improving Japanese honorific speaking skills, 2) AL could significantly increase Japanese honorific speaking skills, and 3) Students gained high confidence of speaking Japanese honorifics through AL. Therefore, authentic learning may well be an effective teaching strategy to enhance Japanese honorific speaking skills in Thailand.
Description: Master of Education (M.Ed.)
การศึกษามหาบัณฑิต (กศ.ม.)
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