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Title: Research on Developing Service Quality of Logistics Operation under RCEP Implementation, A Case Study of Beibu Gulf Cities, Guangxi, P. R. China
Authors: Ximeng Jiang
Ximeng Jiang
Boonsub Panichakarn
บุญทรัพย์ พานิชการ
Naresuan University
Boonsub Panichakarn
บุญทรัพย์ พานิชการ
Keywords: Service Quality
Logistics Performance
Regional Comprehensive Economy Partnership Agreement (RCEP)
Beibu Gulf
China P.R.
Issue Date:  23
Publisher: Naresuan University
Abstract: This thesis selects the data of service quality and the performance of port staff operationg and customer expected as logical starting point of the research. Choosing Beibu Gulf Transport Group as the case. Through the analysis of the case of Beibu Gulf, Guangxi, China P.R. data and SERVQUAL model is used to build the SEM for the co-relationship between the service quality and the RCEP. To make an analysis for the logistics performance index increased. Finally, the functions of model could bring the international trade benefits than before of Guangxi.
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