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Title: Effect of cropping and management techniques on chilli (Capsicum annuum L.) production under rain-fed farming.
Zangmo -
Det Wattanachaiyingcharoen
เดช วัฒนชัยยิ่งเจริญ
Naresuan University. Faculty of Agriculture,Natural Resources and Environment
Keywords: Cropping system/techniques
raised bed
flower removing
management practices
legume crop
rain-fed farming
chilli crop
soil moisture
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Naresuan University
Abstract: Chilli under rain-fed farming generally provides low yield due to unreliable and unpredictable rainfall. Chilli production in Bhutan is the rainfed farming and  farmers  from western regions mostly depend thier income sources from chilli production.  Therefore,1. pretest and posttest interview was conducted to assess farmers knowledge and adoption on cropping and management techniques. 2. an experiment of 4*4 + 1 (control) factorial design was conducted  to assess growth and yield of chilli. The cropping level (CL) consisted of CL1.1  Farmers raised bed method (FRBM), CL1.2 Modified raised bed method (MRBM), CL1.3 Intercroping in FBRM, CL1.4 Intercroping in MRBM, Cc (FRBM-control) and management levels (ML) comprised of  ML2.1 -Pruning in FRBM, ML2.2- Pruning in MRBM, ML2.3-1st bottom three removal in FRBM,  ML2.4-1st bottom three flower removal in MRBM and Mc (control) -no pruning and no flower removal in FRBM. The interview data was analyzed using chi-square, code analysis.  Growth and yeild data were analyzed using Anova and general linear model. The result showed plant height was noted highest in TL1.4 *2.3, stem diameter in TL1.2*.2.3, leaf length in TL1.2*2.2, leaf breadth in TL1.2*2.4 and maximum number of leaves per plant in TL1.1*2.4, 85 DAT.  However, plant height and number of leaves per plants were noticed the lowest  in Cc*Mc,  stem diameter and leaf length in TL1.1 *2.1, and  leaf breadth in TL 1.3 * 2.1. The fruit weight, fruit length and fruit diameter were recorded the highest in TL1.2* 2.3, number of fruits per plant in TL1.2*2.4, fruit length with pedicel in 1.2 *2.2 and fruit diameter at apex in  TL1.1*2.2.  The fruit weight was found the lowest in Cc*Mc, no of fruits in TL1.3*2.1, Fruit length with pedicel in TL1.4*2.2 and without pedicel in TL1.1*2.2, fruit diameter and fruit diameter at apex in TL1.3*2.3   The soil moisture was recorded the lowest Mbar in TL1.2 * 2.4 on July month which calibrated as the least water requirement. The soil properties such as soil moist was observed the highest in TL1.2* 2.4, OC% in 1.2 * 2.4, pH in 1.4 *2.4 , N% in TL 1.2* 2.4, P  in  TL1.4* 2.4, K   in TL 1.2 * 2.4. Farmers’ interview with regards to the techniques found that almost all farmers (90%) accepted the chilli planted in  modified raised bed  and 60% of farmers accepted to carry out  1st   bottom three flower removal of chilli in modified raised bed. The  study showed that there were significant diferences in growth and yield  of cropping and management levels.   Similary, there were interactions between cropping and mangement levels on all growth parameters except stem diameter and yield  parameters  such as  number of fruits per plant and fruit length without pedicel. In both experiment and farmer's interview, the significant highest in growth and yield  parameters  of cropping  levels were found in  chilli planted in modified raised bed (CL1.2) and lowest in control (Cc). Likewise, in management levels, the significant highest was shown in  both  1st bottom three flower removal  in farmers raised bed and modified raised bed  (ML2.3 & ML2.4) whereas  lowest was found in control (Mc).  Therefore the study concluded  that  chilli planted in modified raised bed, 1st bottom three flower removal  of chilli in  farmers raised bed  and 1st bottom three  flower removal of chilli  in modified raised bed method  are the best recommended techniques which can be used under rain-fed farming. However,  study needs to conduct on different  season and different elevation  for further varification.
Description: Master of Science (M.S.)
วิทยาศาสตรมหาบัณฑิต (วท.ม.)
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